sap datasphere on the net coaching

sap datasphere on the net coaching

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SAP Datasphere allows you to converge data coming from SAP and third-party on-premise and cloud environments into a single, fully-managed cloud environment to allow your organization to radically simplify your data warehousing landscape. It provides:
A secure environment supporting diverse data application needs including real-time analytics, governed data access, a data catalog, and data science (machine learning).
Spaces, which are created and provisioned centrally to provide secure modeling environments for different departments or use cases.
A wide range of connections to SAP and non-SAP cloud and on-premise sources, including data lakes.
Graphical low-code/no-code tools to support self-service modeling needs for business users.
Powerful built-in SQL and data flow editors for sophisticated modeling and data transformation needs, along with support for 3rd party tools and other SAP IDEs.
An embedded data marketplace to consume external data products and to create internal data products.
A business user-friendly data matching environment to enrich existing datasets with external data, coming from Data Marketplace, csv uploads, and other 3rd party sources.
A catalog to support self-service discovery of data and analytic assets, glossaries and terms, and key performance indicators.
Multi-dimensional modeling with powerful analytical capabilities and built-in data preview.
A graphical impact and lineage analysis to visualize data movements, transformations, and other dependencies.

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